Improving User Experiences, solvating the problems and needs of the users, focusing on consistency and empathy.

I am an enthusiastic about Design and I create projects with passion and care, I like to design interfaces that solve problems, look beautiful, and work well. I’ve been working in Design Projects since 2014. I started working on Branding/Web projects, but in 2017 I did three Masters (Art Direction_Web Design_UX) and started to have more interests and curiosity about the digital design, so I looked for jobs oriented in a more purely digital environment.

After working in several digital projects as Visual/UX Designer for different companies, I decided to to polish up some of my skills in UX/UI so I did a UX/UI Bootcamp back in 2019, which helped me to improve my skills and gain technical proficiencies in both front-end development and design platforms including Figma, Sketch, Invision, Principle, and various programs as Zeplin, Abstract, or testing with Hotjar, Analytics etc..

During all these years I have worked in different companies and clients such as Orange or Siemens Gamesa among others, working in all the design processes from the ideation phase and product definition to the delivery and supervision of the designs with the development team to ensure quality in the final products.

When I am not working, you can usually catch me drawing, playing video games , traveling, or reading.

Primary Skills

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