For Radmas I worked as UX/UI Designer inside of different projects that the company had divide in two sections »Mejora tu hospital(Quiron APP)» and »Mejora tu Ciudad».

I also worked on the redesign of the website, to give it a fresher and more current touch.


UX/UI Designer


Sketch, Adobe Tools




Within the company we had as clients Quiron hospitals, in this project I was in charge of participating in various meetings with stakeholders to focus on optimal access to the App, such as the user learning curve through steps, or various designs at UI level as generating icons or other graphic elements for both the APP and the employee portal environments.


The first thing I did was to analyze the website and see what points could be improved both in usability and aesthetics, so I created a site map and sketched some wireframes to later make the designs in Sketch. 

Ideation and Process

Basically what I did in Radmas was to give it a more current and modern touch. I made a heuristic evaluation to see what was wrong with the site.

 I opted for a more neon blue and a much cleaner and more airy sections, unlike the previous design that was all overcrowded and was a visual chaos for the user, since everything was so poorly structured and it was practically impossible to navigate the web.

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