Instagram Tasks

Instagram Tasks is a new section for the official app of instagram that I designed with the help of Marta (a UX designer), we made this prototype in 4 days. This new addition is a new way to add tasks and shared with your friend or other people in Instagram, and get motivated to complete them.


UX/UI Designer




November 2019


As team the first we did was organize our time and see how much we could achieve in 4 days, we made a Guide Style with the prototype in order to structure the new content of instagram.

· Technical Specifications of the Glyph Icon :          

When to Use the Glyph – Minimum Clear Space – Minimum Sizes 

· Glyph Colors and when to use them :          

Primary Colors –  Secondary Colors – Typography Colors

· Typography.         


· Differentiate Stories:          

Use of Gradient Color  –  Differences Between Stories 

· Elements Distribution :          

How to Fit the Elements  –  Format of Small Task – Format of Large Task

· Buttons & Elements :          

Difference Between Tasks  –  Difference Between Friends Tasks – Format of Large Task

· Prototype :          

Prototype Low Fidelity  –  Prototype High Fidelity

· Validate :          

Analyze Results  


In order to contextualize and differentiate from the »normal» stories and the »best» friends stories, we decided to put it in a purple/blue gradient. The design of the new section is very minimal and has a resemblance with other sections of instagram.


It was a lot of work condensed in 4 days, but we were happy with the results, and with the complex guide style that we did. 

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