Monee App

Monee is a Bank App oriented for young people.  Following the new neo banks. it was one of my goals to make it attractive and easy to use for the new users . Utilizing the best UX/UI practices, it was my goal to make a functional and beautiful prototype.


UX/UI Designer


Sketch / Flinto




The first I did was to organize and define what research steps I was gonna make  so I created a Trello, in order to organize the tasks that I had to do in the next 2 weeks. 

· Research :          

Briefing – Desk Research – Benchmarking 

· Analysis :          

User Persona – User Journey– Insight 

· Ideation :          

Benchmarking –  MoSCoW – Site Map 

· Design :          

Wireframes – Style Guide – Prototype Low Fidelity  –  Prototype High Fidelity   

· Validate :          

Iterate  –  Analyze Results  


I started defining my project, which was how to create a platform that unify all the consoles and won’t contaminate, so the answer was clear using the »Cloud». 

So my system like »Stadia» will be able in different platforms, such as a TV (connected through a small device), your PC/Mac, your phone or your Ipad/Tablet. 

The very first step was to define the Research Questions in order to see what will have my system, some of them were: 

· Could the user buy games?

· Could the user do something if the connection  fails?

After that I looked for some information on internet (Desk Research & Netnography), and discovered some interesting information about the Cloud like: 

· The Cloud services are the future of the technology.

· Disappearance of Hardware.

The next thing I did was the Benchmarking, and analyze the strong and weak points of several companies like Netflix, Apple Arcade, Stadia, Disney +, Nvdia Gforce among others. 

I had the opportunity  to interview two experts in the Cloud Services, this interviews  help me a lot to provide and justify my work.

After that I made two questionnaires one in Spanish and other in English and I put them in different forums and pages of videogames/technology. The conclusions of the questionnaires were positives like:

· A 41% says it’s not a problem to play always online and a 33% says maybe.

· A 49% don’t travel with their consoles for fear to lose them and a 30% for lack of space.

I created a focus group to find some insights about my project and what were the opinions about the Cloud and my new system oriented in consoles and videogames and these were some of the insights:

· It would be beneficial for the environment.

· More safety.



To empathize with the users and their needs I created a User and Anti-User Persona.

For the User Persona I created Adrian, a young man who loves videogames and hates when he can not play with his consoles when he’s traveling  for lack of space.

And for the User Anti-Persona I created Mariam, a young lady who likes videogames but hates when people can not enjoy their travels, and people is always with their phones or devices.

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